Allegria’s environmental actions

It has been a busy year here at Allegria. We have been making many changes to ensure the well-being of our lovely planet. Through our actions we have been able to:

  • switch from plastic straws to stainless steel straws
  • switch to to-go bags that are made of recycled materials
  • compost all food waste
  • continue to recycle cardboards, bottles, and plastic
  • completely refit the restaurant with low voltage light bulbs
  • switch to hand towels made of recycled materials

We know these are only small things, but even small things will make a large difference over time. We look forward to continue finding new ways to help the environment and our community.

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  1. That is great! Glad to hear you are making small improvements. Love the food and how much of it you source locally! Have you thought about switching to wind power? Both Xcel and Holy Cross make it easy to do so, just give them a call and you can get all of your energy from the wind!

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